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Piab (represented by Bulk Handling Equipment Co.) designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world.


Powder/Granule TransferMill/Sieve/Mixer/Blender Filling, Painting/Paint CoatingBulk Bag UnloadingSmall Product TransferApplications in explosive atmosphereHygenic ConveyingWorking EnvironmentDrum/Bag FillingHazardous Powder TransferHorizontal form-fill-sealInjection Molding/Pellet TransferDiecasting

Vacuum Conveying e brochure

We’d be happy to have Frank or Joe visit your facility to assess your specific applications.

Contact us: 330-468-5703 ext 2300 or request a visit

For more info: download linecard

piFLOW®t – A new, gentler way to convey tablets or fragile products in the food, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical industries.  See how it works:


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