October 28, 2014

Redesigned WF18 Weigh Belt Feeder





NEW Redesigned WF18 Weigh Belt Feeder!


Tecweigh expands their line of weigh belt feeders for the food industry.  The recently redesigned sanitary feeder offers a fully wash-down, open design unit to fit most sanitary environments. Belt options to meet specific process needs.  Belt tracking and tensioning are simplified by utilizing a Vander Graaf motorized head pulley.  The manual belt lifter raises the belt from the slider deck to allow quick access for inspection and cleaning.  Should the belt need to be removed, the cantilever frame and fold-  flat skirt boards make the process fast and easy.  The feeder can be controlled with any of the Tecweigh Processors offering a solution to  simply measure and totalize flow, or provide feed rate control.  All  Processors  can be equipped with PLC communication cards for simplified integration.  Read more here!

Equipment for: 
Feeding & Weighing, Conveying, Air Pollution Control, Classifying, Packaging, Size Reduction,
Mixing & Blending, Storage & Discharge,
Gates & Valves, Samplers,
Broken Bag Detectors,
Magnets and Magnetic Separation

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