Bulk Handling Equipment Company – a Manufacturer’s Representative Agency, founded in 1985. Specializing in dry bulk solids handling equipment.

Customer Satisfaction through Problem Solving

In our business, no two jobs are ever alike. We provide solutions for unique process handling problems that will work for each product, environment and budget. We approach each opportunity with an open mind. We work to solve your processing problems through product testing and selection of equipment that will help make your process work. We work hard to create and maintain long term business relationships.

Offer Testing

We encourage our customers to have their materials tested at our Principals’ test labs. Equipment design is more appropriately configured for the individual materials to be processed thus helping to have the equipment you purchase be designed right the first time. This maximizes customer satisfaction and lowers risk.

Add Value

We provide customers with effective solutions: equipment is shipped direct from the manufacturer to the job site, there is no added mark-up or integration fee.

Provide Systems

Bulk Handling Equipment represents many companies who are capable of providing a complete system. These Principals will often work together to provide the systems integration needed to help reduce customer costs and engineering time.